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Community Outreach

An Alumni’s Skill-Based Volunteering Brings Cutting-Edge Technology to Cal Poly SLO Classes

Recently, our accomplished alumnus, Alex Lowe, returned to his alma mater, Cal Poly SLO in CA, to give back to the academic community in a remarkable way. Taking the opportunity to teach and inspire, Alex conducted a dynamic lab and lecture for the Environmental Engineering Department’s Air Monitoring Class and delivered an insightful lecture for the Wine and Viticulture’s Wine Analysis and Amelioration class.

Armed with expertise and enthusiasm, Alex showcased advanced analytical equipment, including our EXTREL™ MAX-CAT™ and TIGER OPTICS™ T-I MAX™ NH3, and a loaner GC from SRI. The students were captivated as they experienced firsthand the practical operation of these cutting-edge instruments.

Both classes benefited from a comprehensive overview of analytical theory and were thrilled to explore the applications of UV/VIS, FTIR, and GC/MS for various analyses, from environmental monitoring to the aromatic profiles of wines. Through this skill-based volunteering, this proud and dedicated alumnus nurtured a spirit of innovation and collaboration, leaving a lasting impact on the aspiring minds of Cal Poly SLO. 

One simple, but valuable industry lesson transferred to students is, current, real-world applications that lay ahead of these future engineering leaders. Including, but not limited to current environmental issues like the ubiquitous presence of PFAS or presence of lead in ageing drinking water networks. Unlike a dedicated air monitoring or water quality class, industrial analytical problems do not isolate themselves by air, water or solids specifically, unfortunately they are tangled together in our industry and the environment.

In fact, many air (or solid waste) pollutants find their way into the groundwater and streams where our LAR™ water analyzers play a critical role in monitoring and or isolating pollutants. Many of the students will soon start careers in industrial water treatment, city/municipal wastewater or water conservation and understanding pollutants is only part of the problem, analytical tools like our LAR water analyzers will help them untangle sources of pollutants whether they be natural or anthropogenic. 

Thank you, Alex for giving back!

Alex Lowe, Business Development Manager – Americas, Process Insights

Empowering the Next Generation

Process Insights: Community Outreach in Action

Building a Better World Together

Process Insights’ commitment to supporting and encouraging community outreach is not merely an act of corporate social responsibility; it is a compelling strategic imperative that yields profound benefits for both the organization and the communities it serves. By actively engaging with the community, Process Insights demonstrates its genuine concern for societal well-being and establishes itself as a responsible and empathetic corporate citizen. Such initiatives create a positive brand image, fostering trust and loyalty among customers and stakeholders.

As the company actively listens to the needs and concerns of the community, it gains invaluable insights into the real-world challenges faced by its target audience. This empathetic understanding enables Process Insights to tailor its products and services more effectively, addressing specific pain points and enhancing customer satisfaction. Furthermore, community outreach provides an opportunity for Process Insights to showcase its expertise and capabilities, positioning itself as a thought leader in the industry. This heightened visibility can attract new customers, partners, and even talented employees who wish to be associated with an organization dedicated to making a meaningful impact.

Beyond the tangible business benefits, community outreach engenders a sense of purpose and fulfillment among Process Insights’ employees. By actively participating in volunteer programs, charitable initiatives, and educational outreach, employees feel a stronger connection to the company’s mission beyond their daily tasks. This sense of purpose fosters a positive work culture, boosting morale and encouraging a collaborative and engaged workforce. Moreover, community involvement can provide unique learning opportunities for employees, enabling them to develop new skills, gain diverse perspectives, and enhance their problem-solving abilities. These experiences not only enrich their personal growth but also contribute to their professional development, making them more effective and adaptable contributors to the organization. As Process Insights invests in the communities it serves, it contributes to their economic and social development, creating a virtuous cycle of mutual benefit.

By supporting educational programs, job training initiatives, and local economic development projects, the company helps build a more skilled and resilient workforce. As the community thrives, so does Process Insights, as it gains access to a larger pool of potential customers and business partners, ensuring its sustained growth and success in the long term. In conclusion, community outreach is not just a kind gesture; it is a powerful catalyst for positive change, driving Process Insights to new heights of prosperity and societal impact while fostering a culture of purpose, empathy, and innovation within the organization.

Empowering Change Through Impactful Outreach

Volunteer Programs

Encouraging employees to participate in volunteer activities and initiatives that address community needs, such as environmental cleanups, tutoring programs, or assisting in local shelters.

Charitable Giving

Donating funds or resources to charitable organizations and nonprofits that align with the company’s values and community priorities.

Corporate Sponsorship

Supporting local events, cultural activities, and community initiatives through sponsorships, which can enhance the company’s visibility and reputation.

Skills-based Volunteering

Offering employees the opportunity to use their professional skills to help community organizations, such as providing pro bono consulting or technical support.

Educational Programs

Supporting educational institutions or initiatives, such as scholarship programs, mentorship opportunities, or funding for STEM-related projects.

Disaster Relief Support

Providing assistance during natural disasters or emergencies, whether through financial aid, relief supplies, or offering resources and facilities to help affected communities.

Environmental Sustainability Efforts

Implementing environmentally friendly practices and supporting environmental conservation efforts in the community.

Mentoring and Internship Programs

Establishing mentoring or internship programs for students or young professionals to help them gain valuable skills and career guidance.

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