Ultra-High Purity Gas Quality Control & Safety Monitoring Solutions

Ultra-high Purity Gas Quality Control & Safety Monitoring

Semiconductor & High Purity Applications

Semiconductors are considered the brains of modern electronics. They are essential components of electronic devices and enable advances in communications, computing, healthcare, military systems, transportation, clean energy and many other applications.  Our CRDS gas analyzers seamlessly detect parts-per-billion (ppb) and parts-per-trillion (ppt) levels and delivers bulk gas monitoring for trace H2, H2O, O2, CH4, CO, CO2, Kr, NH3, and Xe, UHP ammonia for HB LED production, tool monitoring for trace H2O and HF, and continuous AMC monitoring for ambient HCl, HF, and NH3.

For decades, our Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) trace gas analyzers have supported the semiconductor industry and other micro-electronic manufacturing sectors, based on their superior sensitivity, great stability and unparalleled uptime. Free of periodic maintenance, with no moving parts or consumables, featuring built-in calibration and zero drift, Tiger’s CRDS analyzers are the top choice of the world’s leading semiconductor fabs. Based solely on experience with our analyzers, SEMI F-112 designates CRDS as THE STANDARD in determining moisture dry-down characteristics of ultra-high-purity gases and their respective delivery systems.

  • Trace-Level Gas Measurements
  • Pre-Purifier Measurements
  • Systems Integration
  • Airborne Molecular Contaminants
  • High-Purity Gases & Integrated Systems
  • Semiconductor Process Tools
  • UHP Ammonia & High-Brightness LEDs

Real-Time, Multi-Species Monitoring for All Critical Impurities in Bulk Electronic Gases

The VeraSpec Atmospheric Pressure Ionization Mass Spectrometer (APIMS) is designed for reliable and repeatable low parts-per-trillion detection limits for contamination control in Ultra-High Purity (UHP) gases used in semiconductor and other high-tech industrial applications.

  • Real-time, multi-species monitoring for critical impurities including O2, H2O, CH4, CO, CO2, NH3 and more
  • Well-established, powerful mass spectrometry technology
  • Unparalleled measurement ranges from PPT to 100% with unique dual-source ionization configuration, combining both electron impact and atmospheric pressure ionization sources
  • Easy to use with integrated user interface for efficient operation, point-of-use visual indicators on gas purity, and scheduled automated calibrations

Solutions for Ultra-Pure Water Analysis

In manufacturing, organic contamination comes from multiple sources.  In the semiconductor manufacturing process, any organic residues left on the device can have negative effect on the water quality and impact wafer yield. TOC must be monitored at the PPB-level. In the semiconductor industry numerous processes need ultra-pure water for their operation. Any disturbance in water quality may lead to a cost intensive plant shut down.  Continuous and fast water analysis is required to meet the high-quality standards set.  Gain accu­rate and re­liable on-line TOC moni­to­ring with our online TOC COD BOD water analysis solutions for high purity applications.

Oxygen and Safety Monitors

Our field-proven, reliable trace and percent oxygen monitoring and safety monitors for industrial, medical, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, petrochemical applications, and more.  The Series 1300 Oxygen Deficiency Monitor is its extended life electrochemical sensor with optimized Enhanced Electrolyte System (EES). As a result of EES, Alpha Omega Instruments is able to offer an unparalleled three (3) year sensor warranty. The standard measuring range of the monitor is 0-30%.  The OXY-SEN™ Oxygen Monitor is an economically priced percent oxygen monitoring system equipped with a standard measuring range of 0-100%. Features dual 4-20mADC analog outputs that are scaled over 0-100% and 0-25%. The front panel has an easy to read, 3-1/2 digit liquid crystal display. Input power to the OXY-SEN is 115/230 VAC, 50-60 Hz or 24 VDC.

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Airborne Molecular Contaminants
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