Food & Beverage

Food & Beverage

Efficiency, quality, and safety for the food and beverage industry

Our COSA Xentaur analyzers can analyze oil and moisture content in various food products as well as solid fat content (SFC) in dairy and chocolate products.

For more complex analysis of food processing in the lab, at-line or online.  It can also measure oil and water in seeds and nuts, fat and moisture content in milk powder, and the estimation of solid protein content in milk-based products.

Food Processing

Dairy Production

Chocolate Processing

Seeds and Nuts Processing

Providing real-time insight for the food and beverage industry

The reuse of water is becoming increasingly important to the food and beverage industry.  Recycled water reduces costs as well as reduces the demands made on the overall water supply.

To ensure water quality, it is critical to measure total organic carbon (TOC) and chemical oxygen demand (COD)Explore the LAR innovative water analyzers.

LAR manufactures innovative water solutions that are ideal for the harshest requirements. 

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