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Helping You Improve Your Food Processing and Safety Control

Our solutions for the food and beverage industry provide both safety and process control to ensure product quality, high yield, and meet safety regulations.  Our gas analysis solutions for food and beverage production help increase product quality, improve reliability, and reduce risks to your plant, personnel, and the environment.  

We know your process and how critical it is for our customers to protect precious and limited resources and keep our global food and water supplies safe.

We offer high-precision relative humidity and temperature hygrometers specifically designed for agricultural use. Our instruments focus on moisture control in applications such as in ripening, packaging, storage, transportation of food, climate control and many more.  From supplying on-line moisture measurements for beverage grade CO2 production and distribution to making laboratory measurements for iodine, we have decades of experience in food and beverage applications.

Our portfolio delivers monitoring solutions for fermenter bioreactor off-gas composition analysis to fast and accurate analysis for control parameters such as Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR), Carbon dioxide Evolution Rate (CER), Respiratory Quotient (RQ) and fermentation end point.  

process control and compliance

Beverage and fill gas quality, process control and compliance and trace gas analysis for H2O, O2, CH4, CO2, CO, H2, and more, from ppb to % level detection capability can be easily achieved with our high-performing range of CRDS gas analyzers.  

With our Prismatic 3™ laser-based, multi-species trace gas analyzer, it provides a critical tool for use in a variety of applications in both research and industrial settings, where real-time, on-line gas monitoring is essential. The Prismatic 3 is ideally suited for fuel-cell hydrogen purity monitoring throughout the entire hydrogen supply chain—from production to transportation and storage to the fueling station.  Our compact, CRDS-based analyzer offers simultaneous detection of H2O, CO, CO2 and CH4 from parts-per-billion to parts-per-million levels to ensure purity requirements in line with SAE J2719 and ISO 14687:2019.  

The extremely versatile T-I Max™ CEM is used for continuous emissions monitoring of gas concentrations for target compounds, both for compliance and process control.  It is an ideal, proven solution for MATS HCl compliance needs.


We can provide fast and accurate analysis for control with our MGA™ 1200CS for Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR), Carbon Dioxide Evolution Rate (CER), Respiratory Quotient (RQ) and fermentation end point.  As well as easily monitor fermenter bioreactor off-gas composition analysis with our quadrupole mass spectrometer, EXTREL™ MAX300-LG.

Dairy wastewater (water used to clean milking equipment and cows) can contaminate both groundwater and surface water. The wastewater can contain residual milk (i.e. milk that remains in the pipeline and milking units), bacteria, cleaning particulates, and other organic material.  Our online water quality analysis solutions for Total Organic Carbon, Chemical Oxygen Demand, and Biological Oxygen Demand measure water influent and effluent discharge control for environmental compliance.

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