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External Injection Module

Fast & Safe External Injection Module

For safe, fast and reliable handling of gas and LPG samples

Our ATOM INSTRUMENT™ EIM-1000™ External Injection Module is built for safe, fast and reliable handling of gas and LPG samples with seamless integration to the XT-2000 laboratory total sulfur – total nitrogen analyzer. The efficient and compact design reduces required benchtop space to a minimum, while allowing easy access to internal module components.  The EIM-1000 combined with the XT-2000 laboratory total sulfur – total nitrogen analyzer provides unmatched analytical performance making it suitable for a wide variety of applications and industries. 

The EIM-1000 External Injection Module can be used for both gas and LPG samples. Conveniently located valves and flowmeters allows users to adjust sample flow rate* for consistent sampling. The EIM-1000 incorporates the capability to provide pad pressure for sample cylinders to maintain compositional integrity of the product.


  • Increased sensitivity: Allows for the injection of larger sample volumes than traditional injection methods, which can improve the sensitivity and accuracy of analysis.
  • Reduced sample preparation: Can accommodate samples with high viscosity or particulate matter, reducing the need for manual sample preparation and handling.
  • Improved reproducibility: Provides a consistent injection volume and injection speed, which can improve the reproducibility and reliability of analysis.
  • Versatile: Can be used with a range of sample types, including liquids, gases, and complex mixtures, making it a versatile instrument for a range of applications.
  • Timesaving: Can automate sample injection, reducing the time required for sample analysis and increasing sample throughput.


  • Environmental monitoring: Used for the analysis of environmental samples, such as water, soil, and air, to detect contaminants and pollutants.
  • Petrochemical industry: Used for the analysis of petrochemical samples, such as crude oil, refined petroleum products, and additives, to determine their composition and quality.
  • Pharmaceutical industry: Used for the analysis of pharmaceutical samples, such as drug formulations, metabolites, and degradation products, to ensure their safety and efficacy.
  • Chemical industry: Used for the analysis of chemical samples, such as polymers, plastics, and specialty chemicals, to determine their composition and properties.


  • Environmental monitoring: Can be used to analyze environmental samples, such as water or soil, for contaminants or pollutants.
  • Chemical analysis: Can be used for the analysis of chemicals in a range of industries, including pharmaceuticals, petrochemicals, and polymers.
  • Quality control: Used for quality control in a variety of industries, such as the analysis of raw materials or finished products in the manufacturing process.
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XTH-2000™ with “Boat Injection Module”

ATOM INSTRUMENT™ Laboratory Analyzer for Total Sulfur & Total Nitrogen


ATOM INSTRUMENT™ Laboratory Analyzer for Total Sulfur & Total Nitrogen
Process Insights_ATOM Instrument_XT 2000 Analyze


ATOM INSTRUMENT™ Sulfur in Gas Analyzer
Process Insights_ATOM SGA-1000 Analyzer


ATOM INSTRUMENT™ Sulfur in Liquid Analyzer
Process Insights_ATOM SGA-1000 Analyzer


ATOM INSTRUMENT™ Flare Gas Analyzer for Total Sulfur
Process Insights_ATOM SGA-1000 Analyzer


ATOM INSTRUMENT™ Liquid Autosampler
Process Insights_ATOM LAS-1000

Trace S-1000™

ATOM INSTRUMENT™ Analyzer for Trace Sulfur Measurement Applications
Process Insights_ATOM TraceS-1000 analyzer
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