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Cybersecurity Policy

Cybersecurity Policy

The ongoing shift towards digital transformation continues to shrink our world, connecting almost everything and everyone. We have all become integral parts of a global digital ecosystem, where our choices impact and are influenced by others.

At Process Insights, we recognize that fostering and ensuring trust in the digital ecosystem is not merely a technological matter. It is an urgent strategic imperative for all our stakeholders and the broader industry. This urgency is especially true for the essential businesses that world leaders rely on to safeguard the global supply chain.

Process Insights is deeply committed to fulfilling its responsibility. We prioritize building trust in the digital ecosystem as part of our overarching commitment to all aspects of our operations. As a leading innovation company, we firmly believe that access to energy and digital resources is a fundamental human right. By mitigating risks that jeopardize the global supply chain, we take a leading role in safeguarding and fortifying the digital economy, allowing everyone to trust, contribute to, and benefit from the digital ecosystem.

In pursuit of our vision, we frequently collaborate with trusted third-party partners to bolster the security of the digital ecosystem. Through these partnerships, we strive to achieve our strategic goals and enhance our business performance. However, such collaborations also introduce new business risks, particularly critical cybersecurity risks.

Process Insights actively seeks to engage with suppliers who share our values and vision. As vital members of our digital community, we hold them to the highest standards in ensuring the security of our supply chain. This commitment aligns with our Principles of Responsibility, which compel us to provide our customers with secure products, systems, and services while safeguarding the privacy of their data and that of all our stakeholders.

By partnering with us and embracing the high standards set forth in our policy, we firmly believe that our trusted third-party suppliers will gain numerous business advantages. Moreover, by embracing and upholding the core principles outlined in the policy, we can collectively minimize and potentially eliminate the cyber risks that pose a threat to the global digital ecosystem.

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