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About Us

Delivering Premium Insights into Process

We are revolutionizing measurement everywhere

At Process Insights, we offer a range of reliable and innovative analytical solutions designed to enhance efficiency, control, and safety across various applications. Our commitment lies in optimizing operations, maximizing production, and safeguarding your valuable resources.

With comprehensive solutions tailored for industrial, lab and research, and high purity environments, we provide cost-effective technologies that deliver tangible results. As your trusted experts, we offer unwavering support throughout the installation process and beyond.

Process Insights: Unifying Excellence Across the Globe

At Process Insights, we operate under the principle of ONE PI, ensuring that no matter which product you purchase or which region you are in, you receive the highest quality support and service. This unified approach allows us to leverage our extensive global expertise and resources, ensuring consistency and excellence in every interaction.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction transcends geographical boundaries, providing seamless support and innovative solutions tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s air quality monitoring, gas analysis, or emissions compliance, you can trust that Process Insights will deliver top-tier products and unparalleled support, ensuring your operations run smoothly and efficiently. With ONE PI, we are dedicated to helping you achieve success, wherever you are in the world.

Process Insights is a portfolio company of Industrial Growth Partners, a private-equity firm that specializes in industrial technology investments.


  • Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) Gas Analyzers | TIGER OPTICS™  View Products
  • Dew Point Chilled Mirror Analyzers | MBW CALIBRATION™ View Products
  • Excimer UV Total Sulfur – Nitrogen Process & Lab Analyzers | ATOM INSTRUMENT™ View Products
  • FTIR FT-NIR Lab & Process Spectrometers | ANALECT® View Products
  • Dew Point Moisture Analyzers & Transmitters | COSA XENTAUR™ View Products
  • Quadrupole Industrial Process & Lab Mass Spectrometers | EXTREL™ View Products
  • Fixed Magnet Industrial Process & Lab Mass Spectrometers | MGA™ View Products
  • NIR UV-VIS Lab & Process Spectrometers | GUIDED WAVE™ View Products
  • Probes & Flow Cells | GUIDED WAVE™ View Products
  • TOC COD BOD TN Water Quality Analyzers | LAR™ View Products
  • BTU Wobbe CARI Injection Style & Direct Calorimeters | COSA XENTAUR™ View Products
  • Trace and Percent Oxygen Analyzers | ALPHA OMEGA INSTRUMENTS™ View Products

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We Are Easy to Do Business With

  • Broad range of field-proven industry-leading, turnkey analytical solutions
  • Large, global installed-base of customer-success stories across many industries
  • Turnkey solutions that fit and work together
  • Reduced purchasing complexities
  • Cost-effective to meet your budget needs
  • Simple procurement process – one vendor accountability
  • Supported by a friendly, global service, engineering and expert network

We are your trusted solutions partner!

Maximize Your Asset Performance and Protect Your Process

We are with you after the sale.  Process Insights Global Service provides a wide range after-sales services to proactively maintain your analytical instrumentation. With fast repair and rapid turnaround, OEM spare parts, emergency response, and qualified field service experts, we ensure you get the best value for maximized uptime and peace of mind. We can provide you with the expert execution of both large and small projects and the after-sales service when and where you need it.

  • Global support for all Process Insights brands 
  • 24-hour emergency response
  • Calibration
  • Convenient in-region customer service and support
  • Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) 
  • Global technical support and service
  • In-house training centers
  • Loaners
  • On-site service
  • Performance verification
  • Remote technical support and diagnosis – PI GO
  • Repair and replacement service
  • Spares and upgrades
  • Startups and commissioning
  • System integration
  • Testing services
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Our customer-centric approach delivers fast and reliable service when you need it most. With our qualified field service experts and remote technicians, we ensure you get the best value for maximized uptime and peace of mind. Gain seamless connectivity to global experts to diagnose issues and get real-time insight before major malfunctions and shutdowns take place, and negatively impact your process.

For a complete range of analytical instrumentation, applications, systems, and service options, please contact us.   We will work to match your needs and budget and provide the optimal, and most stable process analysis solution for your application.

Questions? We’re here to help.