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Rental Analyzers


Large selection of rental analyzers to fit your analytical needs

CRDS Analyzer in Service?

We provide CRDS gas analyzers for your most demanding high purity and laboratory gas monitoring applications.  Call us today and we will find a unit capable of meeting even the most challenging analytical requirements to fit your application.  We will support you with the right analyzer based your application needs and deliver a simple rental agreement.  We like to keep it simple.

The Process Insights CRDS Rental Program  offers a swift, cost-effective solution to quickly restore critical analytic processes. Contact us, and we will promptly ship a ready-to-install CRDS rental to meet your immediate needs while your inoperable unit is serviced at our facility. During the service, we repair your CRDS using specialized testing procedures and tools, and genuine factory-direct replacement parts that are exclusively available from Process Insights. We also update your unit to the latest revision level before returning it for reinstallation.  Again, we like to keep it simple.

To ensure optimal performance at your site, our team tests and certifies each rental prior to shipment.   All of our gas analyzer rentals will ensure you meet compliance.  We will only deliver a rental solution to your door that helps ensure safety across your application at all times.  

When you call, we ask for the unit type, model, component being measured, component range, and your preference for standard or express delivery. If a matching rental unit is available, we ship it in a sturdy container, which you will also use to return your inoperable unit for repair. It’s that simple.

Fast Service, Warranty Assurance

The Process Insights CRDS Rental Program adheres to the same high-quality standards and rigorous testing procedures employed during the original manufacturing of your unit. When you rent from us, you can be confident that every rental unit has been meticulously inspected and meets our stringent quality criteria. All repair parts and components are sourced to meet original factory specifications, ensuring optimal performance and reliability. This commitment to quality means you never have to worry about the integrity or functionality of your equipment. Additionally, our rental program helps maintain your warranty coverage, providing peace of mind that your investment is protected. With our fast service, you can quickly get back to your critical analytic processes without compromising on quality or performance.


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