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Series 1300

Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

Unmatched Oxygen Monitoring Technology & Value

A Cost-Effective, Reliable Oxygen Deficiency Monitor with an Extended Life Electrochemical Sensor 

Our ALPHA OMEGA INSTRUMENTS™ Series 1300™ oxygen deficiency monitor is a digitally controlled instrument with a measuring range of 0-30%. Oxygen values are displayed to the nearest tenth of a percent on a high contrast front panel liquid crystal display (LCD).   The monitor is housed in a resilient polycarbonate, wall-mountable general-purpose enclosure. Standard input power to the Series 1300 is 90-264 VAC, 47-63 Hz. and 18-36 VDC powered systems are available.

The eloquence of the Series 1300 is its simple operation, as well as its ease of expandability. Included are four individually adjustable Form C alarm relays, each rated at 10 amps (250 VAC). The Series 1300 can be programmed to provide a maximum of nine individual alarm events. Two scalable analog outputs (4-20 mADC and 0-20 mADC) are standard, as is RS-232 serial communications. Each Series 1300 includes an internally mounted audible alarm rated at 85 decibels (nominal) as well as visual alarm indicators. 

The Oxygen Deficiency Monitor Series 1000 has been replaced with the Series 1300 Oxygen Deficiency Monitor. 


Accurate and Reliable: Uses a highly accurate and reliable ^electrochemical sensor to measure oxygen levels, providing continuous monitoring and reliable detection of oxygen-deficient environments.

  • User-Friendly: The monitor is easy to use, with a simple and intuitive interface and a large, easy-to-read display. The monitor also features audible and visual alarms to alert users of low oxygen levels.
  • Flexible Installation: Can be installed in a variety of applications and environments, including laboratories, industrial facilities, and confined spaces. The monitor is wall mountable making it easy to install and integrate into existing systems.
  • Low Maintenance: Requires minimal maintenance, with a long-lasting sensor that requires only periodic calibration and replacement.
  • Cost-Effective: Offers a cost-effective solution for oxygen deficiency monitoring, with low operational costs and a long service life.


    The Serie 1300 oxygen deficiency monitor is a reliable and cost-effective instrument that can be used to monitor oxygen levels in various applications. Here are some of the applications for the Series 1300 monitor:

    • Confined Space Monitoring: Can be used to monitor oxygen levels in confined spaces, such as tanks, silos, and storage vessels. The monitor provides a continuous reading of the oxygen levels and can trigger an alarm if the levels fall below the set threshold, alerting workers to evacuate the area.
    • Laboratory Applications: Used in laboratory applications where the use of cryogenic materials or other gases can cause oxygen levels to drop. The monitor can provide a continuous reading of the oxygen levels, ensuring the safety of laboratory personnel.
    • Industrial Applications:  Can be used in various industrial applications, such as chemical processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and food and beverage production where inert gases which are used in the process could leak. The monitor can provide continuous reading of the ambient oxygen levels, to ensure personnel safety. 

    • Full Three-Year Sensor Warranty: Unprecedented sensor warranty for trouble-free and cost-effective operation.
    • Multiple Sensor Operation:  Per point pricing around $1.5K (with 3 sensors)
    • Four Alarm Relays Standard:  Users can select a multiple of alarming functions
    • Insensitive to Air Currents:  Won’t produce erroneous oxygen readings from air movement as does high temperature zirconium oxide sensors
    • Protects from Frequent False Alarms:  Helps to alleviate false low oxygen alarms typical of fuel cell oxygen sensors
    • No sensor failures from high temperature fatigue:  When heated zirconium oxide sensors fail, often both the sensor and electronics board needs replacement-a costly proposition
    • Built-in Data Logger Standard:  Provides easy method of downloading and displaying oxygen values
    • Open sensor diffuser:  Does not require a pump for aspiration of the air

    • Measurement Range: 0 to 30%
    • Accuracy: ±​1% of full scale
    • Response Time: 90% of full-scale response in < 20 seconds (nominal)
    • Sensor Type: Extended life electrochemical sensor
    • Temperature Compensation: Standard
    • Operating Temperature: 50° to 104° F (10° to 40°C)
    • Humidity: 90% maximum (non-condensing).
    • Product Warranty: Three years for both sensor and electronics
    • Calibration: Calibrated at factory with certificate of calibration

    • Display: 4 Line by 20-character LCD
    • Input Power: Universal 90 to 264 VAC, 47 to 63 Hz standard. Optional 18-36 VDC.
    • Standard Outputs: Two 0-20 mADC or 4-20 mADC, user configurable.
    • Serial Communications: RS-232 standard
    • Oxygen Alarm Relays: Four (4) SPDT form C contacts rated 10A (250 VAC) 5A (100 VDC)
    • Alarms may be cleared manually or automatically (latching), user configurable.
    • Audible Alarm: Internal audible alarm with specific alarm canceling accessible via menu

    The Enhanced Electrolyte System (EES) is a technology used our Series 1300 oxygen monitors to improve the sensor’s performance and lifespan. The EES technology utilizes a unique combination of materials in the sensor’s electrolyte solution, which provides several benefits over traditional sensors. One of the primary benefits of the EES technology is its ability to reduce the effects of harsh environments, such as high humidity and corrosive gases, on the sensor’s performance. This technology also allows for faster sensor response times and more stable readings, improving the accuracy of the oxygen measurement. In addition, the EES technology can extend the lifespan of the sensor, reducing the need for frequent replacements and maintenance

    • The Series 1300 oxygen deficiency monitor can be equipped with a local oxygen sensor and/or up-to two remote sensors.
    • The sensors featured in the Series 1300 are extended life electrochemical oxygen sensors designed with a proprietary Enhanced Electrolyte System (EES) that extends the life expectancy of the sensor to years instead of approximately 12 months typical of most “fuel cell type” sensors. 
    • The oxygen sensors in the Series 1300 are designed with open diffusers eliminating the need to use sample pumps. 
    • We back each Series 1300 oxygen sensor with a full three-year warranty. Users can expect sensor life well beyond 5 years, helping to ensure reliable and trouble-free performance.

    We Care About Safety

    If you are concerned over unsafe levels of oxygen explore a complete line of oxygen deficiency monitors and accessories. We supply many instruments to medical, aerospace, and municipalities.  Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) defines an oxygen deficient environment when oxygen levels fall below 19.5 percent.  Oxygen deficient environments require accurate and reliable instrumentation. Oxygen levels below 16% is dangerous to human life.

    Explore why safety monitoring matters.

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Need service on your oxygen analyzer?  No problem.   We are ready to assist you with any technical or service-related inquiries.  Just complete our Oxygen Monitor RMA.


  • Improved reliability
  • Lower cost of ownership 
  • Improved product quality
  • Efficiency
  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Backed by global service and support

Process Insights is committed to solving our customers’ most complex analytical and process challenges.  


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Oxygen Monitors Resources and Manuals

Need service or calibration for your oxygen analyzer?  No problem.   We are ready to assist you with any technical or service-related inquiries.  Just complete our Oxygen Monitor RMA. 


Series 1000™

Series 1300 replaces the Series 1000
Series 1300 replaces the Series 1000

Series 1300™

ALPHA OMEGA INSTRUMENTS™ Oxygen Deficiency Monitor
Process Insights_Series 1300 Oxygen Monitor

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Series 2500/2510 EX™

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Series 2520™

ALPHA OMEGA INSTRUMENTS™ Portable Percent Oxygen Analyzer 0-5, 0-10, 0-25, 0-50, and 0-100%
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Series 3000™

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Series 3500/3510™

ALPHA OMEGA INSTRUMENTS™ Trace Oxygen Blind Transmitter 0-10 PPM to 0-20,000 PPM
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Series 3500/3510™ EX

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Process Insights_AOI_35003510 Explosion Proof Transmitter

Series 3520™

ALPHA OMEGA INSTRUMENTS™ Portable Battery-Operated Trace Oxygen Analyzer
Process Insights_Series 3520_oxygen monitor


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