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FTIR Analyzer System 

Portable FTIR/FT-NIR Spectroscopy Solution

Our ANALECT® RovIR™ FTIR Analyzer System is designed to be transportable for real-time dynamic monitoring of pilot scale reaction chemistries and continuous process streams. Its portability avoids costly permanent installations. With a sealed NEMA 4 enclosure and vortex cooling, the RovIR analyzer can be installed in general purpose and hazardous areas. The ANALECT RovIR FTIR Analyzer System’s versatility demonstrated by its range of applications allows measurements at multiple probes tap locations, and batch reaction development utilizing just one analyzer.  

  • Utilizes process proven ANALECT® Diamond 20™ Transept™ optical head.
  • Interchangeable sampling options to meet a wide range of operating conditions:
    – Choice of Diamond, ZnSe, and Silicon Probes
    – Flow-through ATR and transmission accessories
    – High throughput light pipes and fiber-optic configurations
  • Full chemometric modeling capability including SpectraQuant™, Eigenvector PLS Toolbox®, Eigenvector Solo®, Camo Unscrambler, Matlab®, Infometrix Pirouette® and Grams PLSiQ.

The ANALECT RovIR FTIR Analyzer System is primarily used in the oil and gas industry for subsea exploration and production. Specifically, it is used for the real-time analysis of hydrocarbons and other compounds in subsea production fluids, allowing operators to monitor the composition of fluids in real-time and optimize production processes. It is also used in the environmental monitoring and remediation industries for the analysis of soil and water samples, as well as in the food and beverage industry for quality control and product development.


Here are some specific applications where the ANALECT RovIR FTIR Analyzer System can be used:

  • Oil and gas exploration and production: Used to monitor the chemical composition of fluids in real-time during subsea exploration and production operations. This allows operators to optimize production processes and ensure the quality of the fluids being produced.
  • Environmental monitoring and remediation: Used to analyze soil and water samples for pollutants and contaminants. This information is used to assess the environmental impact of industrial activities and to design remediation strategies.
  • Food and beverage: Used for quality control and product development in the food and beverage industry. It can be used to analyze the chemical composition of raw materials, intermediate products, and finished products.
  • Pharmaceutical: Used to analyze the chemical composition of drugs and drug delivery systems. It is particularly useful for analyzing the structure of proteins and other macromolecules.
  • Chemical manufacturing: Used to monitor chemical reactions in real-time, allowing for process optimization and quality control.
  • Petrochemical: Used to analyze the chemical composition of crude oil, refined petroleum products, and other petrochemicals.
  • Agriculture and food safety: Used to analyze the chemical composition of agricultural products, including crops, animal feed, and fertilizer. It can also be used for food safety testing, such as detecting the presence of contaminants in food products.
  • Polymers and plastics: Used to analyze the chemical composition of polymers and plastics, which is important for quality control and product development.


  • End Point determinations
  • Reaction kinetics
  • Grignard formations
  • Organic synthesis
  • Fermentation
  • Polymer reactions
  • Urethanes
  • Isocyanates
  • Acrylates


SpectraQuant™ Software – part of our SpectraSuite™ – is leading edge Windows® based chemometric software utilized on our ANALECT analyzers for generating predictions. Leveraging Principal Component Analysis (PCA/PCR).   SpectraQuant consolidates today’s most recognized features for modeling complex multi-component processes.

  • Incorporates proven benefits of constrained principal component regression with the tools available in the Eigenvector Research PLS Toolbox™ Suite.
  • Incorporates baseline constraints, pathlength constraints as well as spectral interference constraints.
  • Features robust and intuitive user interface that includes a flow chart for step-by-step guidance through the model development process.
  • Allows for multiple baseline corrections.
  • Allows for easy frequency selection.
  • Performs pathlength corrections.

PC 80 Software – Automates Your Process

  • Control I/O to switch valves and monitor a variety of sample system conditions
  • Transmit product properties, instrument QC data, and alarms via versatile communications protocols
  • Collect spectra and apply quantitative analysis routines
  • Implement calibration tools and programming flexibility
    – Apply a wide variety of quantitative analysis routines including: CPSA™ (Constrained Principal Component Spectral Analysis), Matlab® and Pirouette®
    – Utilize ASL–Basic Language–to achieve total programming flexibility
    – Operate the system remotely by using pcANYWHERE™ or Timbuktu software
    – Multi-level password access
  • Validate and diagnose your system with PC 80
    – Implement on-line validation methods, such as ASTM D6122
    – Automatically monitor and trend the system’s “health” with RemoteRX™ software for preventive maintenance scheduling
    – Access the on-line help system for quick reference

FX 90 Software – An Advanced Spectroscopy Platform

  • FX 90 features exceptional workstation graphics flexibility
  • Customized for reaction monitoring
  • Provides the user advanced capabilities to quantitatively and qualitatively characterize the reaction
  • Built-in wizard for autopilot guidance of setups and reaction run
  • Built-in “simulator mode” allows you to replay your previously acquired data “off line”
  • Built-in chemometric tools – PLS, MLR
  • Up to 50 different windows on your process reaction

We Make It Easy to Go From Lab to On-Line

Our ANALECT ChemEye™ is a benchtop FTIR system for real-time dynamic monitoring of reaction chemistries. Calibrations can be seamlessly transferred from the ChemEye to the ANALECT RovIR and the ANALECT PCM™ Series of on-line FTIR systems.

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    Portable, Fast, Rugged, and Reliable Real-Time Analyzer for Dynamic Monitoring

    Process Insights-ANALECT® RovIR


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    NIR & UV-VIS Process and Lab Analyzers 

    Customized, innovative analyzers designed to meet your specific process and safety needs.


    Customized, innovative probes and flow cells designed to meet your specific process and safety needs.


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    ANALECT® Fully Integrated Laboratory Autosampler & FTIR Instrument Designed To Analyze Heavy & Light Hydrocarbons Including Crude Oil & Gasoline
    ANALECT® RefinIR

    Hydrocarbon Smart System™

    ANALECT® On-Line, Real-Time FTIR Monitoring of Refinery & Petrochemical Process Streams in Hazardous Areas
    ANALECT® Hydrocarbon SmartSystem®

    Diamond MX™

    ANALECT® FT-NIR On-Line Analyzer for Round-The-Clock Multi-Point Continuous Air Monitoring for a Variety of Applications
    ANALECT® Diamond MX

    Diamond 20™

    ANALECT® FTIR/NIR Analyzer for Operation in Rugged At-Line Environments and on the Laboratory Bench
    Process Insights_ANALECT® Diamond 20

    PCM 1000™

    ANALECT® Mid IR Direct Coupled Analyzer for On-Line, In-Situ & At-Line Monitoring of Batch & Continuous Processes Measuring Physical, Chemical & Compositional Properties of Liquids, Solids & Gases
    ANALECT PCM 1000

    PCM 5000™

    ANALECT® Mid-Infrared Analyzer for Measuring Physical, Chemical & Compositional Properties of Liquids, Solids & Gases
    ANALECT PCM 5000


    ANALECT® FTIR Monitoring Analyzer for Real-Time Analysis of Organic & Inorganic Compounds with ppb to % Level Detection.


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