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For experiments that require more structural component information than a simple fragmentation pattern, we offer MS/MS Systems. These systems are also ideal for applications that require in-depth identification and separation of isomers.

Our Extrel flange mounted TMAX MS/MS System can function alone as the base system, or it can be used to add MS/MS capability to an already existing system.

The Standard TMAX MS/MS System includes:

  • CF 150 DN Mounting Flange
  • Control Electronics
  • Detector
  • Electron Ionization (El) Source
  • Q1 Resolving Quadrupole
  • Q2 Collision Induced Dissociation (CID) Collision Cell
  • Q3 Resolving Quadrupole
  • Software

The TMAX MS/MS System is a true research instrument that offers a wide range of options, including the ability to connect to multiple ionization sources using different ionization techniques and to perform analysis and deposition. This system is available in mass ranges from 1-120 amu up to 25-4000 amu.

For those that are designing and implementing their own custom systems, we also offer various MS/MS components.

  • Collision Cells 
  • EI, Chemical Ionization (CI) and Atmospheric Ionization (API) 
  • Ion Guides 
  • Ion Molecule Reaction Sources
  • MS/MS Probes

Along with the TMAX MS/MS System and MS/MS Components, we also offer a complete turnkey research MS/MS/MS System. You can choose from one of our standard systems, or we will partner with you to build a custom system designed specifically for your application.

For a complete range of system options, please contact us.


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    Delivers exceptional resolution and accuracy

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      • Atmospheric Chemistry Studies
      • Combustion Analysis
      • Organic Clusters Analysis and Deposition
      • Peptide and Protein Analysis

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