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Powerful Mass Spec Technology for Fuel Cell Development & Nuclear Research Applications

Our Extrel VeraSpec™ HRQ high resolution quadrupole analyzer system delivers exceptional resolution, sensitivity, and abundance sensitivity for the fine isotopic analysis of low molecular weight gases. This system is designed for precision mass analysis of low molecular weight species, while delivering exceptional transmission characteristics.

The VeraSpec HRQ combines cutting-edge core MS components to achieve the highest resolution to date available on the market. Utilizing our 19 mm tri-filter quadrupole and high precision 2.9 MHz control electronics, the VeraSpec HRQ has a resolution >3000 (M/ΔM) across a 1-50 Da mass range.  The VeraSpec HRQ has the resolution and the sensitivity to handle hydrogen and helium/deuterium analysis as well as isotopic analysis.  The heart of the VeraSpec HRQ is the MAX-50 flange mounted quadrupole mass spectrometer. This system is designed for precision mass analysis of low molecular weight species, while delivering exceptional transmission characteristics.

  • System consists of a mass probe, including an electron multiplier, tri-filter quadrupole mass filter, and electron multiplier detector, controlled by the MAX-CS mass spectrometer control system and MAX-QCi integrated quadrupole control system
  • A 19 mm tri-filter quadrupole with precision machine rod set, RF-only pre- and post-filter stages, and stabilizing rods combine with the CS control system and the QCi quadrupole control RF supply to deliver excellent transmission, resolution, and abundance sensitivity characteristics at low masses

Hydrogen and Helium/Deuterium Analysis

  • The analysis of molecular hydrogen can be a challenge for anything but a high-resolution mass spectrometer. Has the resolution and the sensitivity to handle demanding requirements.
  • Isotopic Analysis:  Allows the researcher the flexibility to look at conservative masses at a cost-effective, high-resolution. 

The VeraSpec HRQ system offers flexible inlet options for seamless sample integration:

  • Conflat flange or VCR fittings for gas purity and leak-proof sample introduction, UHV operation, and assurance of safety in a demanding environment
  • VCR fittings with toggle and metering valves for calibration and sample gases
  • Load-lock style chamber for connecting to a furnace, glove box, or other outgassing samples
  • Custom designed inlets available

Our “Complete System” Advantage

Our VeraSpec family of quadrupole mass spectrometers are the result of decades of collaboration between us and our research, academic, and industrial customers. Each VeraSpec analyzer is a turnkey solution, letting you focus on your work instead of on building an analyzer.

  • Design: Each application demands specific capabilities. Preconfigured, proven Extrel components can be quickly and easily incorporated into a mass spectrometer tailored to the job at hand.
  • Integration: Precision alignment, in-vacuum wiring, and system control can be complex issues.
  • Validation: Full functionality and system stability are confirmed and documented prior to leaving the factory.
  • Support: A qualified technician will install the instrument, verifying factory-run performance for optimum operation.

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    Delivers exceptional resolution, ion transmission and high sensitivity for the fine isotopic analysis of low molecular weight gases

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      • Nuclear Research
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      • Fuel Cell Development

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