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Our Evolved Gas Analysis Solution, EXTREL™ MAX300-EGA™, features our industry-leading19 mm quadrupole. Combining this mass filter with high-temperature, rapid sampling and the knowledge, the MAX300-EGA brings the precision, speed and flexibility you need for your evolved gas application. By coupling a quadrupole mass spectrometer to a thermogravimetric analyzer, or differential scanning calorimeter, the off gas of the furnace can be characterized, identifying the molecule associated with each mass loss. Using the MAX300-EGA to monitor the outflow of a microreactor, or reaction headspace, researchers can quantify components leaving the system in the gas phase. The MAX300-EGA can provide vital insight into the underlying processes at work in any lab application.

Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA) is the analysis of the effluent of analytical equipment and chemical processes. Whether the off gas is coming from a thermal analyzer or a reaction vessel, the most important consideration is protecting the sample integrity all the way to the mass spectrometer. The inner capillary of the MAX300-EGA’s low-volume transfer line is made of chemically inert silica. It is heated to 200°C, standard, and differentially pumped to rapidly move sample and keep it under vacuum. This prevents condensation and chemical interactions, keeping your sample intact and your equipment running.

In addition to the heated interface, the MAX300-EGA is factory configured for data syncing and sharing. The ability to input and output digital and analog signals, as well as communicate with OPC and serial protocols, means that the Questor5 control software has the flexibility to get you data in the form you need.  The MAX300-EGA has the speed and sensitivity to detect even small shifts in the evolved fraction as they occur, allowing the researcher to characterize unknown samples, quantify solvent composition, and pinpoint reaction kinetics. The heated transfer line can interface with a wide array of equipment, and signals and data can be imported into the mass spectrometer for trending and calculation or exported for manipulation on another platform.

• Delivers continuous gas analysis
• Real-time control parameters reporting
• Complete quantitative stream composition
• Precise process control
• Multi-port systems for 160+ sample streams
• Low maintenance

Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) is a powerful approach to the study of the thermal behavior of solid and liquid samples. The interface of TGA with a quadrupole mass spectrometer allows researchers to characterize and quantify the compounds in the off gas in real-time along with each mass loss. The MAX300-EGA comes equipped to import a start-of-heating signal from the TGA for easy data syncing and features a chemically inert transfer line designed to guard against condensation and chemical interactions; it keeps the sample hot and under vacuum all the way to the ionizer.


    • Thermogravimetric-Mass Spectrometry
      – Pharmaceuticals
      – Materials Science
      – Plastics
      – Microreactors/Continuous Flow Systems
      – Reaction Monitoring
    • Organic Chemistry
      – Natural Product Analysis
      – Synthesis Studies
      • Pilot Scale Process/R&D
      • QA/QC
    • Materials Science
      – Composites
      – Coatings
      – Adhesives
      • Pharmaceuticals
      – Solvent Content
      – Formulations
      – Excipients
      • Plastics
      – Elastomers
      – Thermoplastics

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