Excimer UV Fluorescence

Excimer UV Fluorescence Technology

Patented Unmatched Technology for Online and Elemental Gas and Liquid Analysis

Our ATOM Instrument Excimer Technology is the principal technology used in our analyzers for total sulfur and total nitrogen measurement. The benefits of using this technology are numerous allowing analyzers to be designed for ease-of-use, reduced maintenance, and increased reliability.


  • Higher spectral purity
  • Higher relative sensitivity
  • Highly reduced nitrogen interference
  • Longer life relative to other sources (operational and calibration cost savings)

Analyzer Design:

  • Bottled O2 not needed for analysis
  • Bottled carrier gas not needed for analysis (e.g.: Argon)
  • High speed analysis (60-100s per cycle for majority of applications)
  • Fast response time (99% of response in 1 cycle)
  • Standard operation does not require installation in a shelter
  • Compact footprint
  • Low utility consumption (4-6 weeks on standard 300 ft3 compressed air bottle)

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