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ESS-SCVP Mission Critical Process Moisture Analyzer

Dew Point Mission Critical System with Aluminum Oxide Sensing Technology

Reliable Integrated Dew Point System

Real value for reliable moisture measurement 

Our COSA XENTAUR™ ESS-SCVP™ Mission Critical Process Moisture Analyzer System is designed to handle rigorous demands of moisture measurement in natural gas applications, provides fully automatic self-calibration dew point system, provides cost effective solution for demanding and critical moisture monitoring applications. It is a specialized version of the COSA XENTAUR ESS (Extractive Sampling System) that is designed for use in mission-critical applications where moisture measurement accuracy is of utmost importance.


The ESS-SCVP Mission Critical Process Moisture Analyzer System includes a number of features that ensure accurate and reliable moisture measurements in harsh and challenging process environments. Some of the key features of the system include:

  • Sample Conditioning:  Includes a sample conditioning unit that prepares gas samples for analysis by removing particulates and other contaminants that could affect moisture measurement accuracy.
  • Real-Time Validation: Continuously validates the integrity of the gas sample and alerts operators to any issues that could affect moisture measurement accuracy, such as sample contamination or pressure drops.
  • Redundancy: Includes redundant sensors and instruments to ensure continuous and reliable moisture measurement, even in the event of a component failure.
  • Robust Construction: Designed to withstand harsh and challenging process environments, with a rugged construction that can handle high temperatures, pressures, and corrosive gases.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Includes a user-friendly interface that simplifies operation and data analysis, with real-time monitoring and historical trending capabilities.


      • HTF™ Sensor Technology
      • Fast response
      • Extremely accurate
      • Integrated, fully automatic self-calibration procedure, in which the sensor
        is periodically exposed to a NIST certified calibration gas and recalibrated
      • Sensors do not need to be returned to the factory for calibration


      • Natural Gas
      • Hydrocarbon Processing
      • Catalyst Protection
      • Heat Treating
      • Industrial Gases
      • Dryer Control


      • High Confidence in Measurement
      • Automatic Field-Calibration/Validation
      • NIST Traceability
      • Long Sensor Life
      • Low Maintenance
      • Low Installation Cost

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