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Process Insights – Guided Wave Flow Cell O-Ring Removal

Process Insights – Guided Wave Flow Cell O-Ring Installation

Process Insights – Tiger Optics Spark Easy Setup

Part 1 – Creating a Method Introduction
Dr Steve Elam, Lead Software Developer with Guided Wave discusses the finer parts of implementing a method with the NIR-O analyzer Omniview software.

Part 2 – Copy and Paste a Method
This video covers how to copy a method or group of calibrations between sample points.

Part 3 – Creating a Method for 3rd Party Software
Leverage the power of unscrambler and other 3rd party chemometric programs using the NIR-O Full Spectrum NIR analyzer with OmniView process analysis software.

Part 4 – Import and Export Methods
Review this convenient method and calibration models for copying configurations between an analyzer in the field or between different channels on the same analyzer.

Part 5 – Creating Method Groups
Need to predict multiple traits from a single scan? This video covers how to make groups of methods which enables you to process the spectra in unique ways for each answer.

Part 6 – Transferring Answers to an Output
Learn how to configure Modbus communications in OmniView. This video covers mapping answers generated by Methods to Modbus addresses. 

How to clean a NIR or UV-VIS process probe 

How to Clean an NIR or UV-VIS Insertion Process Flow Cell Guided Wave

How to check for a broken fiber optic cable or poor light transmission from a probe

Part 7 – Mapping an Output to a (4to20)
Devices that Don’t support Modbus IP addressing OmniView and the NIR-O Full Spectrum Analyzer also supports analog outputs. 

Process Insights – AOI Series 1000 Oxygen Analyzer Calibration

Process Insights – AOI Series 3000 Trace Oxygen Analyzer Calibration

Process Insights – AOI Series 1300 Oxygen Deficiency Monitor

Process Insights – LAR TOC (total organic carbon) Water Quality Analyzers

Process Insights – PI GO Remote Connected Services

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