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Tiger Optics Welcomes James Belanger as Director of Sales & Marketing!

Jim Belanger proudly joined Tiger Optics as Director, Sales & Marketing. He will be responsible for planning, directing and coordinating Sales and Marketing at Tiger Optics.

Jim has been involved in the Semiconductor and Industrial Gas markets for over 24 years. He most recently acted as Global Sales Director responsible for the sales and marketing efforts within the Purity and Specialty Division of Servomex, Inc. Additionally, Jim has previously held several senior management roles at MKS Instruments & Honeywell Analytics.  

Jim has an MBA from Daniel Webster College, is Green Belt certified in Lean Six Sigma, and trained in the Miller Heiman Sales Management Training program. 

President Erika Coyne commented, “I’m pleased to welcome Jim to Tiger’s team! Given his experience, industry knowledge, and his enthusiasm for providing customers with a high-tech analytical solution, I’m confident that Jim will be a great fit and play a key role in providing a high level of support to our growing global installed base.”

Our company’s goal is to further strengthen the Tiger brand, expand our global market share in Industrial Gas & Semiconductor, and to diversify into new markets and applications. We continue to innovate and bring you new product offerings to fuel this opportunity for growth for our brand.  Jim’s new appointment is a sign of commitment to achieving these goals, while maintaining our superior levels of customer service.

Contact Jim today to discuss how our team can help with your analytical needs!

We are excited to introduce a NEW
Analyzer Performance Upgrade: Speed+

During the recent development of our new “Max” series products, we developed many new features, including significantly improved speed of response. We can now also offer the improved speed as an upgrade on the current generation products, including Spark and most HALO analyzers. By implementing new intelligent dynamic data processing, the Speed+ software adjusts the analyzer’s response automatically and in real-time to deliver the best performance. 

Speed+ enables many benefits for your process, including:

  • Real-time process protection to ensure quality
  • Faster throughput
  • Increased capacity 
  • Improved efficiency and profitability 
  • Analyze with Ease– no manual adjustments required, Speed+ is fully automatic

The data shows remarkable result of 5 times faster response! 

Contact Us to Experience This Unbelievable Speed!

Trace Moisture Measurement over Wide Range of Sample Pressure – Now Down to 0 psig

 The popular Spark H2O for industrial gas applications now features new models that operate at lower sample pressures (less than 10 psig). Ideal for ASUs, truck fill and process control, its new extended pressure options allow H2O measurements at reduced pressures as low as 0 psig. 
How do Spark analyzers help your industrial gas process? Cavity ring-down spectroscopy (CRDS) offers several important advantages, such as:

  • Ensure gas quality by monitoring H2O, CO2, CH4 and more
  • Provide superior response speed for better process control
  • Extend maintenance cycles of ASU molecular sieve beds
  • Significant savings on calibration and maintenance costs than cumbersome technologies
  • Provide drift-free accuracy and reduce downtime
  • Enhanced ease of use

Tiger Optics CRDS Analyzers Aid in International
Trace Moisture Comparison

 The primary focus of the world’s national metrology labs is to establish accurate, repeatable and comparable measurement standards across the globe. In a recently published international comparison between eight leading national labs from Europe, Asia and South America, the labs tested analytical capabilities in measuring ppm-levels of moisture in nitrogen. Metrology Institutes like METAS (Switzerland), VSL (The Netherlands), NPL (United Kingdom) and NIM (China) all relied on Tiger’s robust CRDS technology, highlighting our role in offering the metrology community an exact analysis with ease. We’re proud to support the world’s leading national metrology institutes (NMIs) in their important mission.

Italian NMI Develops New Low-Frost-Point Generator

 The national metrology institute of Italy, INRiM, took a new approach to provide a primary reference for moisture concentrations lower than typical, demonstrated in their recent publication in Measurement Science and Technology. To evaluate the new standard, INRiM researchers relied on Tiger Optics’ CRDS trace moisture analyzers: the HALO RP for ppb level H2O concentrations and the Spark for ppm level. Consistent measurements provided researchers with an easy and reliable initial evaluation of their new generator.

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