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Process Insights Announces Acquisition of ATOM Instrument

Greensboro, NC – November 11, 2019.  Process Insights, an online process analytics and measurement instrumentation holding company, today announced the acquisition of the ATOM Instrument business assets (“ATOM”) from Singapore-based Advanced Holdings Ltd.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, ATOM is a leader in engineering and manufacturing laboratory and online process elemental analyzers for total sulfur-nitrogen applications in liquids, solids and gases.  Backed by over 15 years of technology innovation and industry expertise, ATOM further expands Process Insights’ core gas and liquid-phase online analysis and measurement product portfolio while adding total sulfur and total nitrogen capability to Process Insights’ technology mix.

ATOM will join COSA Xentaur Corporation, Alpha Omega Instruments Corporation, Hygrocontrol GmbH, LAR Process Analysers AG and Tiger Optics, LLC as another premium brand under Process Insights.  Process Insights’ premium brands address the needs of customers for reliable online process monitoring, measurement, analytics, control and safety across a wide range of applications and end markets.  Process Insights’ total solutions help the customers in their mission critical applications to ensure safe operations, increase product quality, reduce disruptions and downtime, attain increasingly higher levels of process efficiency and throughput, and compliance with complex regulatory requirements.

“ATOM is a natural extension to Process Insights’ operating companies.  ATOM broadens Process Insights’ already robust portfolio of analytical instrumentation and technology” said Monte Hammouri, CEO of Process Insights.  “ATOM’s patented and proprietary technology, as well as its differentiated product portfolio add an important core capability to Process Insights.  ATOM has a successful history of providing high-quality, process and lab instruments and services that have delighted customers for over a decade.  Together, we continue to strengthen our position as a leading provider of online process analytical instrumentation to better serve our customers around the globe.”

“This is an exciting merger as the acquisition will open expanding growth opportunities for ATOM products, made possible by Cosa Xentaur’s long-standing reputation and global presence” said Franek Olstowski, President & Founder of ATOM.  “Becoming part of Process Insights will enable synergistic creativity and innovation, promoting continued development of new products and technologies, while the integration of our companies with common business philosophies and complementary products, will provide the industry with a more comprehensive offering of analytical instrumentation and measurement solutions.”