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Climatic Chamber Validation


Climatic chambers are in widespread use across many industries. They are used to simulate climatic conditions including temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration and light intensity. Conditions are controlled or varied according to user or test specifications. Products and samples are placed within the controlled environment according to defined test specifications that require certain conditions to be maintained. Examples include 40 °C / 75 %rh for drug stability and 85 °C / 85 %rh for electronic component testing. Confirmation that the correct environmental conditions have been achieved is a pre-requisite for compliance with the respective standards that apply in each industry.  We are able to simulate climatic conditions including temperature, humidity, pressure, vibration and light intensity.


  • Aerospace/altitude test
  • Automotive component test chambers
  • Calibration test chambers
  • Chamber production and validation
  • Electronic reliability test
  • Military electronics test
  • Pharmaceutical stability chambers
  • Plant growth chambers

Lower Measurement Uncertainty

Using a dew point chilled mirror can significantly lower the measurement uncertainty when compared with other humidity measurement techniques. This is because of their fundamental precision, lower long-term drift, more precise temperature measurement, lower temperature coefficients, and lower calibration uncertainty.

Using Our Dew Point Mirrors for Chamber Validation

Chilled mirror dew point hygrometers are used as reference standards in national and accredited laboratories, and increasingly for industrial applications such as climatic chamber calibration and validation. There are different types available to measure dew/frost points over the entire water vapor range from -95 °C frost point to +95 °C dew point. Our The 473 Model is the most used dew point mirror for chamber applications. The cable mounted measuring heads work directly in the test space. The SH2 and SHX measuring heads feature flow modules that control sample flow over the dew point mirror, so that flow and pressure are stable during measurement.  All all of our 473 Models include a probe for measuring temperature, and this is used to calculate relative humidity.  The dew point measuring heads have an additional internal temperature sensor so the user can make sure that the measuring head temperature is always above the dew point so that condensation does not occur.

For users who demand the very best measurement capability, dew point mirrors installed outside the chamber are used.  The 573 Model and 373 Model both feature temperature-controlled measuring heads and sample tubes so that measuring dew points higher than the ambient temperature are possible without condensation. This sampling configuration means that chambers can be calibrated without disturbing long-term stability tests. Another advantage is that the mirror can be cleaned without disturbing the chamber conditions.


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MODEL 373™

MBW CALIBRATION™ Humidity & Temperature Reference Dew Point Chilled Mirror up to 125°C
Process Insights_mbw 373 chilled mirror hygrometer

MODEL 473™

MBW CALIBRATION™ Humidity & Temperature Reference Dew Point Chilled Mirror up to 125°C
Process Insights MBW Model 473-RP2-2020

MODEL 573™

MBW CALIBRATION™ Dew Point Chilled Mirror for Fixed Industrial Installations & Measures Above Ambient Temperature
Process Insights_MBW Model 573_chilled mirror hygrometer

MODEL 973-sf6™

MBW CALIBRATION™ Portable Dew Point Chilled Mirror for Measuring Dew/frost Point (SF6 & SO2)
Process Insights_MBW Model 973S_chilled mirror hygrometer

T12 Thermometer

MBW CALIBRATION™ Multi-Channel Stable Platinum Resistance Thermometer (PRT)
Process Insights_mbw temperatur T12_instrument

TempControl™ Software

Mirror Temperature Software
Process Insights_mbw temperatur T12_instrument

GECKO R2™ Metrology Software

Mirror Software
Process Insights_mbw temperatur T12_instrument

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