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Alternative Energy Production

Solutions for Alternative Energy Production Applications

Real-Time Process & Laboratory Analyzers for Energy Production Applications

Real-time analyzers for renewable natural gas (RNG) process control and environmental compliance requires instrumentation that can deliver rapid response for optimized combustion efficiency and accurate H2 blending to reduced carbon emissions.  Our portfolio delivers multiple solutions for compliance to meet regulations such as 40 CFR Part 60, and HRVOC rules and can measure H2S, Total Sulfur, Net Heating Value (NHV), O2 and COe, Wobbe, Specific Gravity, CARI, and full speciated composition.  Our instrumentation from industrial mass spectrometers to CRDS high-purity analyzers deliver hydrogen and syngas process control, and hydrogen purity analysis for all stages of the hydrogen economy- generation, storage, and delivery. 

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Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)
energy power generation
Pure Water, Process Water & Wastewater
  • Seamlessly monitor TOC in water influent and effluent discharge control, process control, high purity, oil in water, cooling water, condensate return, water-steam cycles, and environmental compliance
  • For clean water applications, monitor TOC with our QuickTOCuvll
  • Monitor COD with no chemicals needed, with our QuickCODlab
Instrument Air & Dryers
  • Monitor moisture control with our dew point solutions for continuous moisture analysis in instrument air and dryers, and portable spot checking
  • Monitor trace moisture in clean dry air, ppb to % with our Spark CRDS Analyzers 
Hydrogen & Fuel Cells
Fuel Ethanol & Fermenter Control
  • Fast and accurate analysis for control with our MGA 1200CS for Oxygen Uptake Rate (OUR), Carbon Dioxide Evolution Rate (CER), Respiratory Quotient (RQ) and fermentation end point
  • Easily monitor fermenter bioreactor off-gas composition analysis with our MAX300-LG
Off-Gas Recapture & Enrichment
Nuclear Power
Laboratory, Safety, & Compliance

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