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Ammonia and Methanol Production

Industrial Process Mass Spectrometers

Ammonia and Methanol are produced from natural gas utilizing very similar processing techniques. These processes involve the Natural Gas Feed, Primary Reformer, Shift Converters and Recycle Streams. Since the effluent from the first stage becomes the feed to the second stage, variations of the sample compositions that occur in all of the processes need to be closely monitored, quickly analyzed and controlled.  Documented reports from our customers indicate savings of energy, reduction of process variance and a substantial increase in production when a our Mass Spectrometer is used in a closed loop control scheme. Recognized as the leader for Ammonia Production Control, we are an approved mass spectrometer supplier for ammonia process licensors worldwide.

Our EXTREL™ MAX300-RTG™ 2.0 Industrial Process Mass Spectrometers analyze all Ammonia production process streams (or Methanol process streams) allowing control over the critical process parameters.  We are an approved mass spectrometer supplier for ammonia process licensors worldwide. 

  • Analyzes the natural gas feed to calculate the steam to carbon ratio
  • Provides full and fast ammonia converter composition analysis maintaining optimum H2/N2 ratio in the inlet (achieving tolerance of + or – 0.01%)
  • Analyzes the hydrogen recovery unit effluent which optimizes inert gas purging
  • Quickly analyzes the methane slippage and inert gases to ensure safe processing
  • Delivers the fast data necessary to tightly control the process algorithms, reducing stress on plant equipment such as compressors

    max300-rtg 2.0 mass spectrometer


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      Wobbe (BTU) Analysis 

      From untreated gas analysis to custody transfer, our 9610™ direct measurement calorimeter provides reliable measurement solutions for flow, energy content, fuel contaminants and gas stream assay with innovative technologies. The 9610 calorimeter Wobbe Index measurement is based on the analysis of the oxygen content in the flue gas after combustion of the sample.  It’s reliable, and fast.  Explore our calorimeter solutions.

      Our Calorimeter Applications include:

      • Flare Gas Monitoring
      • Petrochemical & Refining
      • Steel Industry

      For Flare Gas Compliance, the following must be monitored:

      • BTU 
      • Net heating value in the combustion zone 
      • Net heating value dilution parameter 
      • Vent gas composition
      Process Insights_COSA 9610 Calorimeter - Copy (2)


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        CRDS-Laser Based Gas Analyzers for Monitoring Ammonia

        For High-Purity Gases & Systems, and Research & Development Applications



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