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Selecting an Oxygen Monitor Sensor for a Glove Box Applications

Glove boxes are used to perform manual manufacturing processes where exposure to the components may be harmful to personnel, or exposure to the room atmosphere may be harmful to the product.

Glove boxes, generally, are purged with N2, Ar or CDA to form an inert boundary. They are widely used in the semiconductor/electronic component metalworking, nuclear and crystal manufacturing industries.  Many glove box problems are unique. Gases and residual products can produce aggressive chemicals. In some instances, sensors have required bi-weekly recalibration and a 3–6-month replacement. Most glove box applications, however, are much easier with normal sensor lifetimes expected.

Sensors are normally installed directly into the box. Our preference is to mount the sensor in a sample cell on the discharge point (there is normally a continuous bleed on glove boxes) to minimize the chance of physical damage.  Learn more on oxygen monitor sensors.

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