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New Headquarters for Expansion, Continued Growth & Innovation

Tiger Optics is excited to relocate to a newer, larger facility in Horsham, PA. The strategic move of headquarters will support the company’s accelerated growth plans and facilitate the expansion of our production, R&D, service and training capabilities. We are committed to:

  • strengthening our customer focus and product offerings
  • increasing our presence in the industrial gas and semiconductor market
  • diversifying our portfolio with new markets and applications
  • maintaining superior levels of quality and customer service
  • increasing production capacity, additional research and development capabilities
  • expanding our team of dedicated scientists, engineers, technical field service and sales staff for global customer support.

This new facility also features:

  • a technical training center dedicated to our customers and distribution partners, where they can receive hands-on technical service and operations training
  • convenient location just outside center city Philadelphia, and minutes from the Pennsylvania Turnpike, allowing easy access from major highways and several nearby airports.

We look forward to welcoming our customers, partners, and vendors to our new facility and celebrating with everyone in the New Year!

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Real-Time, Accurate, Easy and Reliable Trace Methane Analysis

Methane (CH4), the smallest and most abundant hydrocarbon molecule, is one of the key impurities to be monitored for various applications, including process control, quality control and process safety. Traditional methods of measuring trace CH4, such as Gas Chromatography, Flame Ionization Detection or Non-Dispersive Infrared are often time-consuming, labor (and maintenance) intensive, require periodic calibrations and replacement parts, causing excessive downtime and material waste.

Based on our field-proven Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy (CRDS) technology, Tiger Optics offers several real-time, reliable and high-performance analyzers with various measurement ranges:

  • Low parts per billion (ppb) to parts per trillion (ppt) methane detection capability
  • Highly accurate and sensitive
  • Compatible with most inert and passive gases
  • Drift-free measurement with automatic self-zeroing
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Extremely low total Cost of Ownership and operational simplicity
  • Unprecedented speed of response
  • Compact footprint

Contact us today to discuss how our team can help with your analytical needs!

Ensure Hydrogen Quality for Fuel Cell Applications

With the promising eco-friendly hydrogen fuel cell commercialization expanding rapidly around the world, hydrogen quality is critical to ensure that contaminants are at safe levels to prevent damage to fuel cell catalysts and membranes.
Tiger Optics understands the challenges and requirements of monitoring critical gas impurities to ensure your hydrogen quality. Our portfolio of analyzers based on CRDS offers many advantages, including: 

  • Detection limits in line with stringent requirements of hydrogen fuel purity standards, such as SAE J2719 or ISO 14687-2 
  • Very high reliability and ease of use
  • Fast speed of response for real time monitoring
  • Excellent long-term stability due to robust design and drift-free performance
  • Suitable for both sample testing in the lab and on-line monitoring at the fueling station
  • Standardized CRDS measurement according to ISO 21087 and ASTM D7941
  • Lowest cost of ownership and maintenance

Want more information? Download our Application Note HERE

Get portfolio of analyzers information HERE

Take Cleanroom Contamination Control to the Max

Airborne Molecular Contaminants (AMCs) have become a critical concern in achieving and sustaining low defect rates on advanced products, protecting expensive manufacturing equipment, preventing extended downtime and increased Cost of Ownership.

To solve your AMC challenge in advanced cleanroom applications, the Tiger Optics T-I Max series analyzers, based on Tiger’s new advanced platform, deliver unprecedented performance, including:

  • Parts-per-trillion (ppt) detection limits of the most critical molecules: HF, HCl, and NH3
  • Lightning-fast speed of response, providing very early detection of intrusion in seconds
  • Sensitive, absolute measurement technique
  • Drift-free, with calibration traceable to the world’s leading reference labs
  • Robust design with high, field-proven reliability
  • Easy and trouble-free integration with semi manufacturing equipment, reticle storage or FOUP equipment
  • Lowest Cost of Ownership and minimum maintenance
  • Interfaceable to Tiger Optics’ (optional) manifold capability
  • Interfaceable to Tiger Optics’ (optional) GO-cart mobile capability – option to quickly move to critical monitoring points for troubleshooting

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